What Energizes You?

by on June 24, 2015

What Energizes You?

Bored people waitingI tend to be a person who gets involved in the organizations I join.  That has only accentuated itself since starting my current career of coaching, although if I look back on my life it has always been present in one respect or another.  Often I do not mind doing so.  I tend to be relatively well organized.  As such, I’m often good at functions such as a Treasurer or Secretary of an organization.  Additionally while somewhat shy and introverted, (I tend to do my best connecting with others one to one as opposed to in large groups of people I do not know), it often makes me a good candidate for working on projects/committees that help bring about the best experience possible for group members.

One thing I find needing to guard myself against is overextending myself.  I know over the past week I had thoughts and feelings in that direction.  They often come about when I believe I am not getting to the things on my list to accomplish done.  They’ll also emerge when the organizations with which I am involved tend to become a “burden” or “obligation” as opposed to an enjoyment.  That I find often happens when I’m asked by a group to address an item with which I am not comfortable, (even if part of my responsibilities).  For example, I am finding that leadership roles in organizations, (Presidents of Vice President roles), are less appealing to me than ever, because ultimately one often is pressured into cracking down on members who are not carrying their weight in the organization.  While never something that I enjoyed doing, it is something far less appealing at this stage of my life.

We all have those aspects of our life that energize us.  For me it is becoming apparent that it centers on being a sounding board for those in search as to what they want to do next in their life.  I enjoy sharing concepts and approaches.  It is energizing to hear when someone has used approaches I have discussed with them, and they find it is moving them forward in their journey.  Often times that leads to further conversations because some of what was learned along the way brought up new realizations, new opportunities, and new thought patterns we had not discussed previously.

Many of us, myself included, will say to ourselves we “have” to do something.  Our rational centers around mindsets that it’s my responsibility, if I don’t do it who will, or I said I would do it and I don’t want people thinking negatively of me if I step away.  However, there is another viewpoint.  It is not the responsibility of others to make me happy.  Only I know what truly provides that positive boost in our life.  Why am I not centering my activities of doing more of that?

Will that mean we can completely avoid doing items we would prefer not doing.  Likely not!  However, it does not mean we can’t look at them through the lens and approach that gives us the most happiness and enjoyment.  It does not mean we can’t approach them and do them our way, and the heck if someone feels we should be doing it differently.  It could mean being honest with ourselves and separating out the things we enjoy doing from the things that are becoming a burden in our life and working out a plan or approach that will moves us closer to the items that spark us all the time.  I know after some of the feelings I have experienced over the last week that I need to do a better job of being true to the activities and approaches that most energize me to enjoy my life to the fullest.  Are you willing to take the same step in your own life?

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