Remember to Take Credit

by on December 24, 2014

Remember to Take Credit

Soon we will be entering a New Year.  A New Year is a popular time for setting goals as to what we want to achieve in the coming 12 months.  Some of you may have already started on your 2015 goal setting.  While some goals are set based on building on the success of what has come before, many are often set from a mindset of “failure”.  Perhaps we have not accomplished something we have set out to do.  Or we choose to measure our progress versus the accomplishments of others.  At other times we have underestimated how long it may take to reach the goal, so anything short of achieving it we view as not making it.  When we take this approach we many times do ourselves a disservice.

This past year has been a good one for my business.  One of the best parts has been the growth in one aspect that I had barely targeted two years ago.  I have the privilege through a contracting engagement with which I am involved to work on acclimation and job search with individuals moving to my area of the United States.   My clients come from other parts of the USA and many come from countries from around the world.  It has added so much to my life, not only in terms of having a steady client and income stream, but also in enriching my life through the connections that I make in working with these individuals.  And, ironically when I think back to how all this has emerged, it goes back to little steps I took along the way in 2012 and 2013 to make it happen.  While I am receiving the benefits of this activity now, it was the steps I took in the past, (and which I kept open as ones on which to follow), that helped pave the way.

Perhaps you have not found that job you have been searching for by this time.  Or you have targeted that accomplishment level for your business which was just out of reach.  Think back to where you were just 12 months ago?  Was what you are facing now even on your radar screen?  If it was an item that emerged in 2014, think of where you were when it first happened.  For example, job searchers suddenly in search often do not have an inkling of the steps to take.  However, if you have developed an excellent resume’, a strong marketing plan, have made contacts to help move your search forward and are actually assisting others in their search along with moving your own along, you have really made special progress.  Use that progress as a springboard toward your 2015 goals.

There is one last observation that I would like to share with my readers.  I get to meet many terrific individuals as part of my job search and career coaching activities.  They are great observers in the good things that others are doing in moving forward toward their goals.  Often they see things in others that the individual themselves does not see.  If you are one of those who is there to help others through your observations and encouragement in terms of how they are proceeding, then kudos to you.  By the same token, listen closely to what others say about you.  I am sure they have noticed things about how you have progressed that you don’t always note yourself.  And, when you do identify what those items are, give credit to yourself for what you have done.  It will be a far better springboard for you as you move forward in setting those goals for the coming year.

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