“Tony is a wonderful coach and very enjoyable to work with.  He listens deeply and non judgmentally, asks insightful questions, and helps people connect with what really matters to them and move forward with making it happen.  He helped me grow personally during a time of transition, and I recommend him highly.”  Cathy Staggs


“I have had the great opportunity to work with Tony Calabrese for just about a year now.  I have found our sessions to be extremely helpful in focusing my life plan.  Tony has guided me to connect with what I really want in life and determine what steps I need to take to achieve this plan.  He has assisted me in seeing what personal landmines I set up that keep me from obtaining these goals and helps me take steps to remove them, such as redirecting my energy levels.  Tony does not give me answers, but empowers me to find the answers within myself.  He is always available to me, even outside of appointment times, and is flexible, understanding and supportive.  I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of these insightful life coaching services provided by Tony Calabrese.”  Debbie S.


“When I first started working with Tony over a year ago, I was at a low energy level and stagnant on moving forward with my plans for my business.  I was having great concern that my past major illnesses would reoccur.  Additionally the world economic crisis was also troubling, as I am a financial advisor and I had great concern for the well being of my clients.  Working with Tony, and the Energy Leadership System program brought a new awareness to my life.  I was able to see how my negative thoughts were leading me to feel the way I was.  By looking at what I was facing through a more positive focus I have been able to move forward purposefully with plans for my business that I have been looking to implement for the last five years.  Additionally, I came to realize in my family life that I could no longer take on the worries and burdens of all my siblings, but instead offer to help but realize they had the choice in how to move forward from the assistance I provided.  I am a firm believer in life coaching.  Tony has been a partner in listening through my thoughts and goals, asking relevant questions as needed and introducing me to techniques and skills that will assist me the rest of my life.”  Don Gordon


“As I was in the midst of a career change, I was feeling a bit fearful of all the “what ifs” and unanswered questions.  I came to Tony in hopes of gaining some insight into my next steps and wow what a great decision!  Tony’s ability to skillfully listen and hone in on what’s really going on was both eye-opening and reassuring.  His calm, friendly demeanor created a safe space for me to work through what was keeping me from moving forward.   Tony is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”    Brian Deutsch


“Tony is a great listener, extremely personable, and very responsive, making him the ideal life / career coach.  His ability to systematically synthesize our sessions into key action points helped me enormously in keeping focus during my transition back into the workforce and achieving my career goals.  I would highly recommend Tony to anyone who is interested in partnering with someone who will be committed to them and who will help them achieve their goals.  Again, as a life or career coach, Tony is experienced, knowledgeable, and result-oriented, and he will be there for you on your journey!”  Ligia M.