A Framework to get You Closer to What You Want

A Framework to get You Closer to What You Want

When I was completing my certification studies in Career Coaching and Job Search Strategy Development, I was introduced to a five step process to guide my clients through their search. That process is a structure which I have found not only helps in developing a strategic pathway in a job search, but has the ability to be used in any walk of life where one is looking to obtain a long term goal. I have incorporated it into my life when I realize something that I desire is going to take some time to accomplish. The five words (steps) I share with all my clients are Assessment, Research, Targeting, Interviews and Follow Up.

 Assessment – Before you take off for where you want to go, you need to know where you are going and how you choose to get there. The more complicated, involved or worthwhile what it is you want to accomplish, the more thought process you likely will want to put into it. That is where assessment comes in. What are your most important values at this time of your life? What skill sets appear to show up in the activities that you enjoy doing and you feel you do successfully? What are some of the pros and cons you have had with various jobs or experiences? Who or what are the type of people with whom you have enjoyed working? Taking the time to begin to get the answers to some of these questions, points you on your way.

Research – You are likely not the first person who is looking to accomplish that which it is you want to do. Or if you are among the early pioneers in an area you are likely not the only one who has thought of that which it is you are seeking to do. The wise person does not go it completely alone. They look to what may already have been published on what it is they are looking to do. Additionally, they share with others their thoughts, (and once getting past those who will tell you it will never happen), they look to find those who are supportive or who may be able to share with them things to consider. The really generous may also set up introductions to different contacts.   Armed with additional information, the road map begins to crystallize further.

Targeting – You may think you can do everything for all people. However, that is not likely to be so, because not everyone may desire what you have to offer. Or frankly, you may enjoy certain aspects of a process, but not others. The more specific you can be as to what you want, in what environment you want to perform it, and what specialties of it you would like to do, the closer you get to your goal. You may not achieve all aspects of your goal the first times you try. However, by getting a start at a particular part of the goal, and gaining the necessary experience and training, you begin being recognized as someone who is a player in that field.

Interviewing – Perhaps what you want to do will have you in business for yourself. However, if there are several upfront costs or your experience level is such it is best doing what you are seeking as a member of someone else’s team, you will need to get that person to hire you or make you a member of their team. Initially contact may be to reach that person by talking to members that are already part of that team so as to gain an introduction to the person who can actually bring you on board. Or contact may be through others in your area of interest to get recommendations on who you may want to be pursuing or contacting. The point is even if you believe you can do something all by yourself, you ultimately may need others to provide you support structures, materials and guidance to get the word out about you.

Follow Up – You have assessed well what you seek. You have learned much about it through both look-up and research where you have spoken to others. Additionally, you have become specific as to what you want to accomplish and pursue, and have begun seeking out those with whom to interview and share your desires. However, they don’t call you back. Or they speak to you, and it appears it has gone nowhere. One must remember, EVERYONE is busy with their own immediate priorities. Even you have been trying to balance your other life priorities with the special project on which you have been focused. However, if YOU are the one who wants to accomplish your goal, YOU are the one that needs to consistently follow-up with those who can help you and those you have met along the way. Perhaps, they do think a lot of what you want to do, but don’t have an opportunity now. (They could at a later time). Or perhaps you contact them just at a time when a new opportunity has emerged. All the energy you have exerted to this point DOES NOT GO TO WASTE, if you realize you may have to follow up several times before reaching or achieving that which it is you set out to do.