Energy Leadership

Energy Leadership – You Are What You Believe

Perhaps you have heard the old quote, “People can be divided into three groups.  Those who make things happen, those who watch what happen, and those who wonder what happened”.   It is an excellent way to describe Energy Leadership.  Developed from the over 20 year studies of Bruce D. Schneider, founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, (IPEC), it is firmly based in the belief that you can change  your emotions and attitudes so as to achieve that which you want in your life.

Everyone is the “leader” of their own life as it relates in terms of how they choose to respond to each situation with which they are asked to face.  Obstacles may very likely come into their path as they move toward achieving what they desire.  However, everyone has the ability to choose the ways they will work through those obstacles.

The energy part of the equation is based on a person’s emotional response to each activity with which they deal with each day.  Every activity can draw one of 7 possible energetic responses.   2 of those responses, (and corresponding feelings around them), are negative or catabolic in nature and hold one back from success.  Those responses are ones of being a Victim (Energy Level 1), or reacting with Anger (Energy Level 2).  The remaining 5 responses are all of a positive or anabolic nature, although even they vary in terms of where an individual is choosing to focus their efforts and intensities on achieving their goals.  Level 3 Energy (Forgiveness), releases the anger of the lower levels, but still has the individual at a point of being only interested in their own success and not the desires of others.  At Energy Level 4 (Concern of Others), focus completely shifts from ones self to the success of others.  Energy Level 5 (Opportunity) looks not only for the individual to reach their goal but looks to have all those around them reach their goals as part of everyone’s collective journey, (family, friends, coworkers, etc.).

Level 6 Energy (Create Power from Partnership) and Level 7 Energy (Absolute Passion and Creation), are powerful levels of experience where the individual has looked past themselves and focused on how they can help the growth of mankind as a whole.  Individuals who focus their energies at these levels, even if it is to tap into them for short periods of time, find the energy to keep going toward their goals in an extremely positive and joyful manner.  For individuals at these levels of energy, the enjoyment comes from actually experiencing the process toward their goals and the positive outcomes from the experience even outweigh the outcome of the goal itself.

As a graduate of IPEC’s Energy Leadership training, Absolute Transitions is a Preferred Partner for the Energy Leadership training program.  It is a process which consists of an extremely accurate 70 question assessment (which can easily be completed in 20 minutes online).  The assessment provides the individual results which indicate where they are resonating in regards to the level of emotional and attitudinal energy they are putting in toward the activities in their life.  Once completed and results are compiled, the assessment is debriefed by an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner trained in its application.  It is also supported by a 12 section manual which one may  either use in a self study format or with the support of a coach so as to address a wide range of areas in which they may desire to enhance their life.  Most of all, it has been supported by more than 20 years of continued research and analysis by IPEC in terms of both its results an application in the lives of those who have been enriched by being introduced to its principles.

Click on the link Energy Leadership details to gain additional depth and insight into the Energy Leadership program and its potential.  To gain a more extensive understanding of the gains made by individuals who have taken the Energy Leadership assessment and subsequently went forward, made changes and applied it in their life, click on the link E-Factor Release findings”.

To learn more about the Energy Leadership process, the tools which support it and how it can be used to help you in your life achieve the success you desire, please contact Tony Calabrese at or telephone me at (973) 762-1350.  I will be happy to provide you a 30 minute free consultation on the Energy Leadership Development System program with no obligation to buy, in exchange for your interest to learn how Energy Leadership may be right for you.  You will be taking the first step toward learning how your emotions and attitudes impact your ability to be the person you want to be and how to apply that to your best advantage.