My Printer and Me

by on June 14, 2017

My Printer and Me

printer-2178752_640Recently I was having issues with my computer set-up.  It started with a bad internet connection.  That in turn led to very slow computer response, from any website I would try to bring up on my machine.  I then noticed that the computer appeared to be losing the connection to my printer.  While I realized that would impact my ability to print anything that would come from an internet site, I did not think it should impact anything coming from non-internet based sites, such as Word or Excel Documents.  I had some of those I wanted to print out.  Boy was I wrong about that.

The printer started behaving very unusual.  First it began printing pages at different speeds, (some pages normal speed, others at very slow speeds, etc.).  Then it began only printing parts of a page, but not the entire page.  Finally the printer wound up just printing thick black lines.  This went on for several iterations.  I was convinced that my printer was likely broken and would have to be replaced.

I am fortunate to have a professional “go-to” person who helps handle all my equipment needs.  After I had the printer difficulties, I shut the printer down for a couple of days, until I had a chance to speak to him.  When I described what had happened, he said to me, that I likely had fixed the problem by shutting everything down on my computer set-up, (printer, computer, etc.).  He indicated, that when I booted everything up again, likely things would be all right, (at least with the computer and printer interface.  The slow internet connection might be another item, but that would be between my internet provider and me).  My expert went onto explain that sometimes the printer if getting bad information fed to it can get confused, and until allowed to completely “reset itself”, will continue to act abnormally until given that opportunity.  It turns out my expert was correct.  When I went home and booted up my computer and printer, and tried at least to print out the Microsoft Word documents that had given me problems, they printed out flawlessly.

I then realized how the week leading up to talking to my computer contact had been going for me.  I was preparing to go away from home for a few days on a trip my wife and I had planned several weeks earlier.  My business activities were increasing as new clients were reaching out, items for existing clients loomed to be done and the need to follow with other clients that had not been in contact was on my mind.  In addition, I had committed to a number of networking related activities where I was a presenter or facilitator that were part of my schedule.  And, now computer problems!!  Much like the printer, I was feeling overloaded, confused, frustrated, and was not operating as I normally do.

It so happened that the morning I spoke with my expert contact I was scheduled to leave later that day for my flight that was to take my wife and I away on our trip.  By now, everything that had been on my calendar to do had passed, and gone well.  While I had some last items to do to prepare for the trip, I was confident they would all get done, which they did.  I knew that there would be other things waiting for me to do when I returned home.  Those could wait, however, because I had made it clear to others with whom I had scheduled, that was one I would be able to best address them.  Suddenly, an awareness had come to me from the lesson I had learned about my printer.

When I get overloaded again, I need to see it as a signal.  The signal is saying, take a step or two back, decompress my emotions, even lay or sit silent for several minutes.  Perhaps I want to analyze and determine how I will address the items overwhelming me, but I am sensing that is actually fighting my ability to move forward.  It appears the better course of action is to try not to think of anything for that period I put aside for myself.  Then when I am ready to reconvene my activities, no matter what they are, I’ll perform whatever it is I choose to do better, because I am starting from a fresh perspective (much like the printer that has been drained of all the confusing messages).

It sure worked for the printer, and my other corresponding computer equipment.  When taking the laptop computer to a different network connection it sure responded a lot better than it did at my house.  While not easy to do, when whatever we are pursuing seems to be getting the best of us and consuming our emotions, looking to drain everything in its entirety and boot up all over again after some time to recharge, just may be the best answer.


It’s Always Somethin’

by on May 24, 2017

It’s Always Somethin’

Deadlines and schedulesOne of the funniest sketches on the program Saturday Night Live has always been the Weekend Update segment.   Even from its very beginning, Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin did a marvelous job at the anchor desk. The sketch always featured guest correspondents. Gilda Radner’s “Roseanne Rosanadanna” was always sure to draw huge laughs. Gilda’s bit with Roseanne would take place on the premise that viewers would write into her with problems in their life. Roseanne would then go off into long confusing commentary that would be so far from the point of the viewer’s letter. However, she would close the segment by saying that her Daddy was right, that “It’s Always Somethin’” happening that is going to impact your life.

I recalled the Roseanne sketches recently when I myself was facing frustrations in my life, as were many in my life that are close to me. We were not necessarily frustrated about the same things. And, if I was to look at things further, I likely minimized their frustrations, just as they would not see why mine were such a big deal. However, the moral in recalling the Saturday Night Live sketches to me was that no matter what the best laid planning and scheduling one might do, there will be unexpected things that occur which will call for my time and attention.

So, what can one do about that when it happens? Often the mindset is I must address the unexpected item immediately, as I HAVE NO CHOICE. And, while as a coach I have been taught and truly believe we always have a choice, there are times when those choices can be limited. For example, I have multiple immediate family members who are primary caretakers for elderly relatives. Yes, they do have choices. They can look to hire paid caretakers. They can ignore the elderly relative and let their condition worsen. However, when you get through the core of their frustration, the choice they have made to be there as often as possible for that elderly relative is filling a need in them to give back to that person who likely had a major influence on their life growing up into becoming the caring person they have become.

I work off an online calendar for my business, (and subsequently the events that are part of my life). Yet, it is rare as I enter one week, and come out of the week on the other side, that the events on the calendar take place the way they were scheduled. Appointments get changed. Others call to get on the calendar because an issue has come up in their job search on which they need advice and someone to talk things through. Yes, I have options. I could charge for missed appointments. Or the people that call, I could take the attitude that you expect me to drop everything to talk to you. However, I made a commitment to myself to be there for my clients when they need me, and at the same time to know to stay away and be understanding toward when they may need time to focus on the things in their life, on which we are not working.

If you have a life where interruptions never take place, where you always do what is best for you and do not alter a thing for anybody, more power to you. However, if you are like the 99% or so of people I know who get troubled when your plans get knocked off stride, realize you are not alone. Prioritize the interruption into your schedule. Determine if it truly needs to be addressed now, or can a wait a few days, a week, or perhaps be scheduled sometime onto your calendar where you will work to address it in the future. And realize Roseanne Roseanadanna’s father was right. Somethin’ is always going to occur that is going to impact your best laid plans.


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May 10, 2017

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April 26, 2017

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A Fundamental Truth

April 12, 2017

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