Ultimately, It Always Gets Back To You

by on August 25, 2011

Ultimately, It Always Gets Back To You

August, 2011, has been some month as it relates to the news and the world economy.  Every day there are new headlines about some event (usually in a negative context) that portray a bleak economic picture in one country or another.  For those who are actively seeking work, these economic headlines in turn are tied to high unemployment rates, a bleak job reports outlook and a sense that no one truly has a solution to what is happening.   Certainly there is a growing lack of confidence that the issues being faced will be solved by a political solution.  And, while I do agree this is definitely the worst economic period that I have witnessed during my lifetime, I still keep focusing back to a lesson that I have learned in both first my life coaching studies and my more recent career coaching studies.  No matter how bad things are externally in the world, when it is all said and done in terms of how you make progress in such a set of circumstances, the answer for me always comes down to seven words.   Those words are, “ultimately, it always gets back to you.”

Yes those seeking employment are battling a difficult job market.  Whether or not they are going to both find the job which is right for them and in turn going to be hired into it is not all completely in their hands.  However, there are always numerous steps of the process which are.  It is the individual job seeker who needs to first determine what types of positions it is they are pursuing.  In turn, it is in their hands to do the research around the requirements for those positions and learning if they possess them or where they need to enhance their skills.  It is in the job seekers hand to determine if the industries they are pursuing are shrinking in the number of available positions or growing.  It is completely in their hands to make as many contacts as they can to get the interviews they need to talk to the people who will put them in touch with those who may be able to hire them.  It is for the job seeker to learn good interviewing skills, practice those skills, present themselves as someone who can solve the hiring manager’s problems and follow up with proposals and solutions to address those problems.

External conditions can be overwhelming if we choose to let them be.  We can choose to let them allow us to take on a mindset of why even bothering to try.  However, we equally have the choice of realizing that we may need help in getting to where we want to go.  That help may come in the form of books which give us guidance, pairing up with a buddy or set of buddies going through similar issues or reaching out for the services of a counselor or coach versed in the area that we are looking to navigate.  There are ultimately “a world of choices” open to us to make on how we want to respond to the external challenges that are put in front of us.  Some may be better than others, some may suit our preferences more than others, but the recognition that they are there and not waiting for someone else to solve everything first before we move forward is a very empowering feeling.

Stop waiting for the world leaders or the politicians to solve the problems that may open up the employment market.  You are likely going to be waiting a long time for their answer to emerge.  Begin building your plan for what it is that you want to do next and how you are going to go about finding it. Are you not sure what you want to do next?  Then take that as an opportunity to step back and assess what it is that motivates you when you have had accomplishments in your life.  Project your future five years at a time, and determine where your life is now and where you want it in the years to come.  If you know what you want to do next, then target the industries and companies that have those positions and begin making your way into those companies to let them know you are here and have the talents to help them.

If you are unemployed, make your job search your full-time job.  If you are employed but are not happy with what you are doing and seek a change, devote some of your non-work hours to researching careers which may be right for you.  Make sure you devote the time to your search that it deserves, but at the same time make sure to set aside some time for yourself each week for an activity or two that you enjoy.  It will help to refresh you as you move forward to face the challenges in front of you.

If you want to stay in touch with what is happening in the world around you, by all means do so.  However, when the news is bad, (and figure often it is, since those who report the news learned a long time ago people tend to flock and listen to bad news as opposed to good news), don’t let it take control of your life.  Will it be easy to obtain what you are seeking?  Of course it will not.  Will it require a good deal of effort and persistence on your part to get it?   Most things worthwhile that you are seeking do require that to obtain them.  However, one thing you always do have control of is how you choose to pursue what it is you need and how you go about getting it.  It may require the help of others or it may require obtaining skills you don’t currently have.  However, once you get past what may be holding you back and getting you discouraged, the ability to move forward is always in your hands. Again, remember these seven simple words, “ultimately, it always gets back to you”.

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