Thankful For the Life I Lead

by on November 22, 2017

Thankful For the Life I Lead

It is normal that when individuals release their Thanksgiving blog, they list all the things for which they are thankful in their life. While that is very understandable, as often we tend to dwell on the troubling things of life and overlook our blessings, I wanted to avoid that approach. Truth be told, I am actually composing this blog about one month before Thanksgiving. So, the thoughts I am about to share, I have lived 365 days a year for the last several years.

First, I should just be thankful to be alive. I know that sounds dramatic, but I know my own Father did not live past 53 years of age. I inherited many of the same physical characteristics as he. That includes arteries to the heart that tend to get clogged with plaque, cutting off blood flow. That physical makeup ultimately led my Father to a massive heart attack. And, while my artery issues emerged short of my 44th birthday 18 years ago, (OK, you do the math), I was fortunate to be born 30 years later than he. Medical procedures such as angioplasty have allowed me to have 6 separate procedures which have had 13 stents placed in me over that time. And, because of those procedures, medicine to control blood pressure and plaque levels, and doctors who regularly monitor me, I am able to lead the daily life I do.

The life that I lead is possible because of a 30 year career at a corporation that allowed me to have a pension at this time of my life, medical benefits in retirement, and to put money away for my retirement in a savings plan. That same firm provided outplacement services for me when I was let go from them, and those services were the ones that directly led to the suggestion that I should consider “coaching” as my next career. That led to me studying for my certification and being in a career that now is in its 9th year and which continues to be something I love doing.

Moving from a corporate career exposed me to different styles of working and living. I so much more understand the world of the entrepreneur, connecting with other people who work similar styles and that while there are benefits in working for larger firms, there are also advantages in working for smaller firms or for yourself. At a time that many people my age bemoan those that are younger than they, or don’t understand the mindsets and values of the generations that come after them, I find myself more open to accepting those differences. I may not incorporate all those changes into the way I live my life, but I’m respected for not knocking those from different generations that do. In fact, I have found some of my most favorite conversations have come in connecting with those from different generations or cultures and just respecting them as individuals, and asking them their opinions on different topics so as to increase my education.

Additionally the changes in my life, (career, remarriage, moving to a different community), have gotten me to know people from cultures and countries all over the world. I have been in a position to help them understand both culture of the country of my birth, but the particular part of the country where I have always lived. They have felt comfortable sharing with me their insecurities, (mastering the English language, being concerned that their cultural approach may offend some in their new country), but my also assuring them that they have done nothing wrong and just to be aware of those cultural differences.

And, while I may not be up to date on the latest celebrities, television programs, popular trends, etc., I am probably more conversant on a wider range of subjects than I have ever been. Most of that is due to the research that a Career Coach and Acclimation Consultant role that I do has introduced into my life, and from the fascinating backgrounds of the clients and people I meet. Most of all I have no desire to really change any of it, but instead just to build on this same lifestyle that is a part of my everyday life. So, as we approach Thanksgiving Day 2017, I realize that what I am most thankful for, I get to live every single day.

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