Teamwork Takes Time and Patience but is Worth the Effort

by on September 1, 2011

Teamwork Takes Time and Patience but is Worth the Effort

As the calendar turns to September, the Motivations calendar that has been the source for the quotes you have seen on the website this past year moves to the theme of Teamwork.  The calendar itself displays a picture of a team of nine skydivers, holding hands as they are descending to earth.  The quote supporting the Teamwork theme is attributed to Henry Ford, American automobile manufacturer and reads as follows: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

While a large number of the postings on this site have been focused on the individual, ultimately in one way or another we are going to have to interact with others.  That is a very good thing.  While we ourselves may be good at what we do or are able to rely on ourselves to get many things done in our lives, when left alone, we are left with our own thoughts, our own views, our own way of doing things.  Over the course of the past two years as I have formed my own business entity, even though I am the sole proprietor of that entity, its success is as much dependent on my interaction with other people as it is on my efforts alone.

A year ago, I was fortunate to have found a virtual assistant who has partnered with me to help make others more aware of the services of which I offer.  The website that hosts these postings, the social media sites that they are made available to, and the promotion of my practice are all due to her efforts.  In the last three months I have joined a networking group of professionals who work together to help each other grow their businesses by helping to be a sales team for each other by referring prospective clients to the professional in the group who offers the service they may be needed.  The coaching association to which I belong is international in make-up and its local state chapter of which I will be President in 2012 promotes the benefits of professional coaching throughout our state.  None of these efforts ever get accomplished by just one person.  And, as the quote implies the steps in first coming together, to making progress together, to ultimately being successful together is indeed a process.

Even in my new ventures as a Career Coach, the methodology in which I have been trained emphasizes the importance of group coaching as part of the job search and career development process.  While an experienced coach facilitates the team of individuals together, the entire model is based on the fact that job hunters working together are better able to make progress when they share strategies, ideas, test out methodologies with each other and ultimately learn from each other what methods have been successful and which ones have not.  During my initial coaching studies a concept similar to this, called the “Master Mind” group where a team of individuals come together as one to come up with solutions to help address the issues of one of the group members, demonstrates it is better to have the composite thoughts of many than be isolated with only the thoughts of oneself.

In looking at the quote a bit deeper, there is quite a bit implied.  Teams can come together in so many ways, (sometimes by circumstance, sometimes by choice of the team members).  Along the way the team may have disagreements, not always be in sync and even appear to be holding each other back.  That is where things can be their most trying and where staying together is not always easy.  However, when a team or unit works well together, (think of a championship sports team, a work department that is successful or a choir that sings in perfect harmony), it is a joy to behold.

As you move through the month of September think of the teams of which you are a part.  Which are the ones that work well?  Which ones do not work as well?  What are the characteristics between the two teams?   How can you contribute to making the team’s of which you are a part work better together? Yes, you do ultimately have responsibility for yourself and your success.  However, there are going to be plenty of opportunities where you are not going to be able to accomplish everything you want or need alone, so how you master the dynamic of being part of a productive team and a good team player will go a long way in terms of your ultimate success.

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