Reflections on Evolving To This Point of My Life

by on August 11, 2011

Reflections on Evolving To This Point of My Life

I take the opportunity to catch up with some of my classmates from coaching school on a monthly basis.  Our last conversation was very enlightening in that it brought out just how far each of us had come and how much each of us still had in front of us as we develop our coaching practices.  I’ve written a number of postings on change and reactions to change over the last several months.  However, what has occurred for my friends and me I would label as much an evolution in our movement forward with our professional lives.  There have been many uncertain moments along the way and continue to be.  However, it has been our journey, our steps that we have taken, and upon reflecting back I know in my case I wouldn’t have wanted to do things any other way.

I have indicated many times in past writings about my movement into career coaching and my studies for certification with the Five O’Clock Club’s career coaching guild.  On July 26, 2011, I completed those requirements and became a Five O’Clock Club Certified Coach on that date.  I thought back on my journey to that point.  It was remarkable where it had taken me, and how one step had built upon another.  I certainly had no idea of the outcome to this point, (as I’m sure there are other outcomes in store for me a couple of years down the road, that will build on what I have done and do from this point forward).

Upon completing my initial coaching studies I felt it important to continue to enhance my knowledge in the field by joining the International Coaching Federation and my local New Jersey chapter.  I attended meetings and virtual education opportunities regularly.  From there I was asked to work on one of the committees for a Business Forum our chapter hosted in April of 2010.  At that Forum, one of our guest presenters was from the Five O’Clock Club.  Several months later when the Club was in need to build up their Guild of coaches, our presenter reached out to the chairperson of the committee I had worked on and asked her to reach out to the NJPCA members about the Five O’Clock Club opportunity.  Upon exploring, I determined that what was being offered was right for me, was beneficial to my client base and was something I could see myself focusing on as part of my practice.  After 4 months of study, including book reading, CD listening, in-person and telephone sessions, and being able to express my command of the material, I am now at the point of continuing to build my practice with a researched and strategic career coaching program as its base.  I’m in the early stages of sharing what I have learned with others, be it via articles, class sessions, speeches or coaching sessions.  The evolutionary process continues.

The evolution of my steps from certification studies to putting what I have learned into practice is not unique.  As I mentioned, my fellow coaching colleagues are experiencing the same thing.  One friend has steered her practice and love for the physical well being of people into working with chiropractors and offering clients the inspiration they need to improve their health both physically and emotionally.  Another has taken her desire to help those with depression to work with training the staffs of psychiatrists on some new non-drug related therapies for patients.  A third is building on his tendency to be a shy individual to working with college students who battle the same tendencies and helping them gain the fortitude to speak up more on their own behalf.

The evolutions I am witnessing are not restricted to the world of coaching.  My nephew is golf club professional.  He always had the interest in someday taking his knowledge and using it outside the country club setting.  A renovation at his golf course which closed it down for several months led to his taking a program which trained him for hosting golf outings for passengers on cruise ships.  For the last two summers he has worked to make vacations enjoyable for passengers looking to play golf as part of their stops on their trip.  He absolutely loves what he does.  Is it hard work?  It certainly can be, when he has to arrange the outings for almost 50 people in one week, ensuring they have clubs, transportation to the course and making sure their outings go off without a problem.  However, the opportunity came about as a natural evolution of a career choice he made and trained for fourteen years ago, and which builds on his passions for the game of golf, his love of interacting with people and his willingness to help those who are his customers enjoy their experience.

Yes, the change that comes in the process of evolving to where you are in your life today can have its fright built into it.  There are times where fatigue and frustration can lead you to wonder if it is worth following the path you have decided to take.  However, if the evolution is based on choices which you truly believe, have a passion for doing and for which you are excited when new opportunities become available on which you can build into your life, it can be an inspiring experience.

One final thought about my own personal evolution to career coaching.  Prior to these latest certification studies, I had a successful 30 year corporate career in financial services systems management positions.  I have completed Life Coaching studies which have certified me in a program that allows me to help clients move forward with the emotions and attitudes in terms of how they choose to live their life.  There are numerous life experiences I have had on a personal level.  All of these and so much more have led me to this moment and are part of what I am able to share and provide to those with whom I work. The past experiences and teachings never leave me and are available for me to learn from and continue to share with others.  I’m looking forward to where the next evolution takes me.

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