The 4 Decisions

The 4 Decisions

I was giving my office a much needed cleaning today. In the pile of papers on my desk and on top of my filing cabinet, I came across a laminated card. It was entitled “The 4 Decisions.” I don’t remember where I got it, and I even looked to go to the 2 websites on the card to give credit to the organization that provided to me. Unfortunately, both websites are no longer operational.

As I compose this Tips and Tools entry it is the 2nd weekend of November. The United States has just gone through a very emotional election. I have witnessed reactions of all sorts in the last 3 to 4 days, from utter shock, to anger, to searching for answers why, to elation by those who have felt their needs had been forgotten. However, I believe what follows applies across any relationship, communication, activity, situation or circumstance you come up against. Please give it some thought as you go forward with your life through the balance of this year and through the upcoming holiday season.

PAUSE: Make a decision to stop in this moment. Are you willing to have your mind experience calm and quiet? Begin with a one moment pause. Rest, and continue to pause for as long as you choose.

STEP BACK: Make a decision to get out of your own way. Are you willing to allow room for another way? Step back from your feelings, thinking, planning, figuring, judging, saying and doing. Don’t look to push those emotions and others away. Breathe. Give yourself (and others) some space. Look to make your mind a clean slate before proceeding.

STEP ASIDE: Look to invite the Inspiration Within you to help. Allow stillness to replace the chatter. Rest in quiet patience. Be open to receiving help from your inspiration. Do bring forth your questions, thoughts and concerns. Ask yourself, “Is there another way to see what is happening?” “What will truly be helpful to do now in this moment?”

LET INSPIRATION GUIDE: Are you willing to let your inspired mind provide you Peace and Inspiration? Be humble. Don’t hurry your decisions. Relax, listen and be open to receiving and giving help to others. The ability to inspire yourself and others is always present, always being given. As long as you are willing, you have the choice to receive and give the Wisdom of Inspiration to others. Do you choose to do so?

Only you can choose if you want to implement “Pausing for Inspiration” in the midst of your everyday life.