A Reminder of Some Basic Career Principles

A Reminder of Some Basic Career Principles


Don’t Let Others Define You – Set your own standards.  Don’t measure yourself against others.

Know yourself and be yourself

Develop a Philosophy of Your Life as you want it– Be selective about how you spend your time.  Make your own choices.  Decide what you want to commit to.  We each have the same amount of time.

Make a plan – Know where you are going.  Consider making a resume’ of yourself five years from now, do a Forty-Year Vision and develop a career plan.  Identify what you will need to get there.  Keep your options open and don’t stay too long in a job.  Keep on developing yourself with an eye on your own future.

Be willing to take a risk – Make sure your next position relies on your strengths and your basic skills, and also contains a little risk —- some new growth area.  The jobs or assignments you take should fit in with your Forty-Year vision.  You need the new growth areas so you will progress and advance.

Look for Jobs That Allow You to Quantify and Measure Your Accomplishments – As part of this look for companies that fit your style.

Learn How to Manage Your Environment rather than being a victim of your environment.

Get Help – Join associations.  Meet others in your field or company.  Stay in touch with your contacts.  Don’t go through your career alone.

Pick a Few Role Models, Not Just One – Select the characteristics you like from each one.  Observe their demeanor, dress, vocabulary and speech patterns.

Don’t let your guard down even after receiving a new job or assignment – Always have a back-up plan — just in case.  Keep yourself marketable, and treat your employer as if you were a consultant.  Remember, no position is permanent.