8 Causes of Procrastination

8 Causes of Procrastination

If you are like me, you can get in the habit of putting off items that you know you want to do, but for some reason or another, continue to put off. The following tips from the “DevelopingGoodHabits” website passed by my email screen this week.   After reviewing them, I felt them good to share. Do you recognize yourself in any of these? If you do, addressing that trait or others like them, may help you move toward those things you indicate you want to accomplish.

Reason # 1: Perfectionism: Perfectionism limits your definition of success to an unrealistic standard. Try something out. Learn lessons from your results. Improve processes as you go along.

Reason # 2: Fear of the Unknown: While knowledge may be power, knowing is only half the battle. Once you know more, you can take corrective action to address what needs attention.

Reason # 3: I’ll Do It Later: Our tendencies are to address those items that impact our immediate future, than those items that will impact you down the road. While this can be necessary, putting off items in the future means you have never started on the path toward them.

Reason # 4: Working on Small Tasks Because They’re Easier: Many times we are driven by “payoffs”. When they are immediate we get instant gratification. Larger items often come with their benefits farther into the future.

Reason # 5: You Experience a Lack of Motivation: Motivation often comes from being able to clearly see how our work connects to our interests and goals. Becoming aware of how the energy we invest in our tasks helps us to meet our goals, helps to increase our motivation.

Reason # 6: You Are Unclear, About How to Get Started: Focus on the “getting things done” approach. Break down complex tasks into a series of smaller tasks that get you moving.

Reason # 7: You Often Get Distracted: Remove all temptations from your site. That can mean blocking certain websites from popping up on your PC, deleting games or Apps on the Smartphone or closing the door to your home office

Reason # 8: You Know the Task Will Require Effort and Hard Work: The reality is long projects take a lot of effort. That fact in itself causes loss of motivation and the choice of setting projects aside for a later time. Choose to acknowledge that fact, and combine your solution with some of the previous suggestions.