Emotional Awareness is Your Key to Moving Forward with Your Life

Emotional Awareness is Your Key to Moving Forward with Your Life

There are two main types of assessments when it comes to learning about why people react the way they do.  One is a personality type assessment such as a Myers Briggs or D.I.S.C. assessment, which help identify your strengths and weaknesses.  When you understand your personality, you can adapt your behavior to “work with what you have” to function effectively.

The other type of assessment is one which measures your emotions and attitudes.  This kind of assessment helps to provide you feedback in terms of your perceptions and perspectives of the world.  Since emotions and attitudes are subjective, once aware of them they can be altered to move you toward the type of change you want in your life.  One such assessment is the Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) Assessment that was developed by IPEC Coaching, and for which Absolute Transitions is proud to be affiliated with as a Preferred Partner.

So, how does an E.L.I. assessment work?  Very simply you are provided 70 different statements where you are asked to provide your answer as to how much you agree or disagree that statement applies to how you live your life.  It takes only 20 minutes to complete.  However, what you learn about yourself will last you a lifetime in terms of how your emotions and attitudes are currently impacting your view of your world, and how with a dedication to making modifications in those perspectives, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you in moving forward in your life.

The world is full of choices for each of us to make.  That includes how we choose to view the world around us.  Every situation we face affords us seven different energetic viewpoints.  Two of those viewpoints cast us in a sea of negativity, either viewing what is happening to us as a victim or with anger.  Three others help move us to a positive viewpoint where we are either able to rationalize, look at situations with compassion for others or look at each item that comes into our life as an opportunity to make it successful for both ourselves and those around us.   Finally, when we learn that when we look at what is happening around us with a less judgmental focus and one of just enjoying what is happening for what it is, we reach the ultimately levels of intuition and creativity that are within us.

Every action, every activity, every thought we have each day is energetically charged for us.  We perceive those interactions from one of the 7 energetic viewpoints.  Since each activity may bring out a different response in us, we live our life at an overall Average Resonating Level. The resonating scale runs from a value of 1, (where you see your entire life as one where you are living as a Victim), to a Level 7 (where you see your life from a completely Non-Judgmental perspective is there is nothing wrong in your world and you are at your highest level of awareness).  The reality is that all people are somewhere in between.  However, the most stunning reality is that approximately 85% of the population resonates on average in ranges below a 3.0, which means that their spending the largest balance of their time either feeling like a victim or with a great deal of anger about their circumstances.

What can changing the Average Resonating Level that you live your life at mean if you are able to change it from a 2.5 level to a 3.0 level?   This study on the Average Resonating Level or E-Factor as it is also known will give you some idea.  (Click on E-Factor Study).   The simple act of having awareness of our emotions and in turn focusing them in a more positive mindset has a direct correlation on the success we have in bringing that which we desire into our life.

However, it all starts with you. You must be willing to learn more about how you are showing up energetically in the world.  Why would you want to do this?  Are you tired of always feeling that everything happening around you is going against you?   Are you tired of seeing others succeeding, while you seem to be stuck in place?   Have you reached a point where you feel there has to be another way, and that the status quo is just not getting it done?  If you have felt any or all these feelings or others like them, but are unsure as to how you may want to move forward, then the insight into yourself that you will gain from an Energy Leadership Assessment is for you.

What do you need to do to get started?   By clicking on this Energy Leadership Assessment link you will be taken to a sign-up page.   What will taking advantage of this offer provide you?

  • The ability to take the Energy Leadership Assessment.
  • A 1 hour debrief with a trained Energy Leadership Assessment expert to help interpret your results and what they may mean for you.
  • If interested, after your debrief and time to reflect on the feedback provided, a 30  minute free consultation with Tony Calabrese about the possibility of pursuing further coaching and learning options.   (NOTE:  Consultation must be scheduled within 2 weeks from the time you have completed the debrief).
  • The opportunity to continue your knowledge of Energy Leadership and its enormous possibilities by working with the Energy Leadership Index program (either on your own, or with the assistance of an Energy Leadership coach).
  • An opportunity to understand your emotions and attitudes and the impact on how they cause you to see the world around you and how you show up in it better than you have ever had before.

How much does this all cost you?   Taking the Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief directly from the IPEC Coaching site would cost you $415.   However, knowing the value of just being exposed to this assessment and debrief can do for those who seriously want to learn what may be holding them back in life, I am offering the assessment and debrief now for only $99. $99 for the assessment and debrief, (along with the 30 minute free consultation with me), is available to the first 10 participants who sign up.   After that, the price will increase.  And, while it will always be substantially lower than the $415 cost that it is valued at by IPEC, it will not be offered this low by Absolute Transitions after the first 10 individuals take advantage of this offer.

We’re within 20 days of starting a New Year.   What better time to learn about yourself as you make those commitments that are going to point you toward accomplishing your 2011 goals.  An Energy Leadership Assessment and Debrief for the value and insight it will provide to you is as great an offer you will receive in pointing your life in the direction you choose.

NOTE:  If you are interested and still unsure how the debrief and assessment work, you can contact me personally at (973)-762-1350 or by e-mail at tony@absolutetransitions.com and we can set up a complimentary 20 minute telephone call to discuss at your convenience.   I look forward to hearing from you.