Five O’Clock Club Methodology Offers You the Best in Career Development

Five O’Clock Club Methodology Offers You the Best in Career Development

When I tell those I meet that I am a Five O’Clock Club Certified Career Coach, I usually receive one of two reactions.  The vast majority have not heard of the Club and its offerings.  On the other hand that minority that has heard of the Five O’Clock Club react with nothing but praise.  In a few instances I have met individuals who have been or continue to be members of the Club, and they tell me how beneficial the coaching and knowledge they gained there has been for them and their careers.  In other instances, those that recognize the name are people who have been in management positions at companies and have had to refer people to the Five O’Clock Club for outplacement services.  Again, in either case, they are definitely impressed that I have been trained in the Five O’Clock Club program, and offer its methodologies as part of my career coaching.

For those who are not familiar with the Five O’Clock Club, explaining what it is and how it works is something I never tire of explaining.  In some instances I am able to accomplish that through speaking engagements, speaking on some aspect of a career related topic.  In other instances, I have been able to refer individuals to the Five O’Clock Club books which not only apply in today’s job market, but in any job market, and for any type of job search.  Those who have taken my advice and have read the books comment to me how they and other members of their family are able to share with each other points they have learned from the strategies the books convey.  Still others I have engaged in consultation sessions or conversation.  While I find this at times can be the least effective way, especially if I do not have examples and visual evidence to support what I am explaining, it does get individuals thinking of what the Club is about and what it has to offer.

The Five O’Clock Club model works best with a combination of a job seeker reading the texts and working with a coach in the context of a Five O’Clock Club strategy group.  The strategy groups meet weekly, are made up of the coach and six or seven of the job seeker’s peers, and are focused on the searcher moving forward each week on some aspect of their search.  Click on the link here to get an example of how Five O’Clock Club groups work.  Group sessions are supplemented with individual coaching sessions with a Five O’Clock Club career coach to work on details that are not able to be covered in the tight knit 60 minute group sessions, (which devote 10 minutes each week to each job seeker).

The major reason that the Five O’Clock Club, though being around for over 25 years, is not a household word is their conscious decision not to advertise their services.  This is because their desire as an advocate for the job searcher is to keep their costs down.  As such, they have been able to charge their members a $49 lifetime membership fee to join for over a decade.  Their group coaching sessions cost $35 to $55 per session (depending on job searchers salary and position being sought), and many of their job searchers are receiving multiple offers using their methods within 10 sessions of working at the Club.  While following the program requires a commitment of between 15 (if employed) to 35 (if unemployed) hours a week to receive full impact, the value for the price is unparalleled in the industry.

Five O’Clock Club coaches and leaders are often featured in the press.  An example of what is said about the Club can be seen by clicking on this link.  For more information on the Five O’Clock Club program and if it is what you have been looking for in terms of your career development and job search you can reach out to Tony at, or by calling (973)-762-1350.  The Five O’Clock Club coaching and methodology is for you whether you are presently employed or unemployed, looking to work full-time, part-time or consulting, and whether you are new to the workforce or have searched before.  It is an investment you can make in yourself that will be of benefit to you throughout your entire working life.