Building In Time to Recharge

by on November 23, 2016

Building In Time to Recharge

laid backMy profession as a coach takes me out in public a great deal. Whether it is malls, coffee shops, libraries, stores with cafés or eating areas, I am there frequently. As our world gets more and more oriented with electronic devices, (cell phones, laptops, tablets, IPADs, etc.), sometimes the most premium spot in the places I frequent is being next to the electrical outlet. The devices all run on batteries. Batteries wear down. They need to be recharged. They teach a great lesson when they are not charged. THEY STOP WORKING!!! And, they don’t run our device again at full capacity until they are fully recharged.

This observation came to me as I was preparing to write my monthly blogs and website for November. I had come to the end of a busy week. I had seen several clients, attended some networking meetings, facilitate support groups, done errands around my home, and now I was sitting down to write. Along the course of the week I had topics in mind on which I wanted to offer insight. And, then I sat down at my laptop and NOTHING! I vaguely remembered topics which had come to mind during the week. I did not know where I was going to start, (let alone build and finish). It was if my mind was saying to me, “STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. FIND AN ACTIVITY THAT WILL HELP GET YOUR MIND MOVING AGAIN. THIS CAN WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN.”

Fortunately, things are not like that for me every week, or even every day. While my days are usually filled with activities around my coaching business, often I’m careful to leave my evenings free. One of my enjoyments at that time of day is to take the daily newspaper, (yes I still get one as my online centric friends’ chuckle) and head to the puzzle page. I love doing number based puzzles and word puzzles. It relaxes me. It refocuses my mind on other problems and challenges. Additionally I’ll take time to read some of the articles, (if particularly trying to wind down, I look to stay away from the headlines and editorials and go to the more human interest based pieces).

As you read this as we are entering the Thanksgiving weekend, with the holiday season coming up right behind it, being conscious of times to recharge yourself is something I urge you to consider. Many don’t think twice about the recharging of their electric devices. However, when it comes to themselves they don’t do as well.   If you are one that schedules out your week, build in recharge time activities, (AND THEN HONOR THE SCHEDULE). Perhaps your electronic device helps you with your scheduling and alarms. Have it set off a reminder when you choose to take some time to do an activity or meet with someone that is enjoyable to you. Yes, these last few weeks of a calendar year can cause a great deal of stress. But, preparing yourself at the beginning of the cycle, and committing to what you are able to do, and knowing what you are not able or willing to do, can help. That is the best present you can give yourself this upcoming holiday season.

Finally, be thankful for what you do have in your life. It may not be everything you want, there may be gaps that need to be filled, but focus on the items you do have that so many others do not. Realize that during and after the holiday season you will have opportunity to work on obtaining those items that you are lacking. Appreciate those that are in your life, look at the time to possibly reconnect with those you don’t get a chance to see frequently during the year. And, if you need a reminder to keep you on track, look at that electronic device that is part of your life. Think of how well you treat it. Think of what you need to do to “keep it running.” Ask yourself, “Is it worth more to me to keep this device running than myself running on full charge?”


Best wishes to all for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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