They’re Not Obligated to Help

September 27, 2017

They’re Not Obligated to Help One bit of advice that a person who enters job search transition is likely to hear early in the process is the importance of networking with others. With statistics showing that as many as 80% of job positions landed are the result of some sort of networking connection, it certainly […]

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Show Your Enthusiasm

September 13, 2017

Show Your Enthusiasm For many years there was a cable television show called “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The lead character, played by Larry David, was cynical about everything that happened to him in his life. While definitely a spoof on everyday life, its message centered on not getting too excited about anything that was happening to […]

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One Last Time

August 23, 2017

One Last Time August, for the last several years, I tend to get very reflective. That is because in August of 2006, Jeanne left me. Jeanne was my wife, my friend, and the person for 17 years who I learned so many of life’s lessons that impact my life, still today. It was ironic about […]

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Look Out for What Is In Your Best Interest

August 9, 2017

Look Out for What Is In Your Best Interest One bit of advice that career coaches give to their clients is the need to upgrade their Linked In profile as they make their way into their job search. There is no disputing that Linked In is the number one social media site for professionals in […]

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Using It the Way It Was Intended

July 26, 2017

Using It the Way It Was Intended Over 100 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell invented a device that is still in use today. It allowed for verbal communication between two people when one was in one location and the other was in another not immediately near them. And, even with all the advances in technology […]

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