Using It the Way It Was Intended

July 26, 2017

Using It the Way It Was Intended Over 100 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell invented a device that is still in use today. It allowed for verbal communication between two people when one was in one location and the other was in another not immediately near them. And, even with all the advances in technology […]

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Oh My! You Mean I Have to Change?

July 12, 2017

Oh My! You Mean I Have to Change? My first wife, Jeanne, often said to me I was a “creature of habit.” The implication was that if I did not do things in the same way, for the same daily activities, it would throw me off at that moment, and could impact the entire rest […]

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Next Steps

June 28, 2017

Next Steps I have spent this weekend in Alabama at the graduation of my nephew.  It was great to see all of the young people receiving their diplomas and moving onto the next step in their lives.  For many it was onto their college experience.  For others it was actually returning to their home countries […]

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My Printer and Me

June 14, 2017

My Printer and Me Recently I was having issues with my computer set-up.  It started with a bad internet connection.  That in turn led to very slow computer response, from any website I would try to bring up on my machine.  I then noticed that the computer appeared to be losing the connection to my […]

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It’s Always Somethin’

May 24, 2017

It’s Always Somethin’ One of the funniest sketches on the program Saturday Night Live has always been the Weekend Update segment.   Even from its very beginning, Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin did a marvelous job at the anchor desk. The sketch always featured guest correspondents. Gilda Radner’s “Roseanne Rosanadanna” was always sure to draw huge […]

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