Become Aware of the Change Perspectives Available to You

by on February 8, 2011

Become Aware of the Change Perspectives Available to You

A little bit over 2 years ago I had the opportunity to read a book entitled “Energy Leadership” written by Bruce D Schneider.  In the book, Schneider takes us through his experiences in working with the owner of a small company.  The company, once successful, is now floundering.  Employee morale is very low.  Customer deadlines are being missed while a general sense of hopelessness hovers over the entire situation.  With very little hope, and having tried everything else that he can think of, the owner hires Schneider as a business coach to help make his company more productive again.

As the book progresses, Bruce introduces the company owner to several perspectives.  Paramount among them is that the thoughts and emotions of he as the leader, and in turn, that of his staff, are what is directly impacting their results.  The more negative the thoughts, no matter how gloomy the situation, the less likely a successful outcome would come to the firm.  However, as Schneider continues to work with the owner and in turn the owner with his employees, they learn that there is more than one way to think about the approach to any situation.  In fact, there are 7 different energetic views that can be applied to any situation, each one providing more positive energy toward how a given challenge can both be tackled and experienced.  By the end of Bruce’s time with the firm, both owner and staff have learned a number of new principles and ways to approach the challenges they may face both in the work environment and in their every day non-work lives.  Not only is the firm prospering, but in turn each individual who has applied the principles is invigorated in living their overall life in its entirety.

“Energy Leadership” and the principles behind it have had a profound impact on my life ever since being introduced to it.  It was the backbone to a whole coaching program in which I received my certification.  In my everyday life, the concepts are there to fall back on no matter what challenge I may face.  That does not mean that I don’t necessarily have my down moments or don’t let negative thoughts creep into my mind.  However, when they do, or I feel like a situation has me frustrated, I’ll take a step back reflect on what I have learned, and look to apply a new thought process on how to address what is troubling me.

On Thursday, February 10th, I look forward for the first time to be hosting a teleseminar, which shares the concepts of Energy Leadership in a session entitled, “Seven Energetic Perspectives on Viewing Change”.  As regular readers to the Absolute Transitions website materials know, I have been committed in 2011 to present various viewpoints in dealing with change when it occurs in ones life.

I honestly believe the biggest hurdle faced when confronted with the possibility of transition and change is a thought process that is rooted in determining why something can’t get done or why someone does not feel a new way of doing something is right for them.  One of my major goals of the session is to help increase awareness, in particular in the area of how negative emotions and attitudes impact ones overall effectiveness and thus their ability to find the answer that is right for them in terms of the change they are looking to make.

If the thought of having to make a change in your life, or if past experiences in making a change have not gone well for you, this call is for you.  You’ll learn that so much of how successful you view the outcome of a change, starts with your approach to making it in the first place. If the thought of having to make change makes you angry inside, learn what that anger does to you and those who take part in the change process with you.  And, if you feel like you have no choice, and that you’re at the mercy of the circumstances you are dealt, then this call is really for you, since that is one of only seven possible ways to approach the challenge in front of you.  (I promise you five of the other six are far more positive in the way they make one feel when they function from a position that goes beyond just accepting you have no choice to change how you view the situation).

If you have already signed up for the teleseminar I want to thank you and look forward to meeting you on the call.  For those who have not signed up, please note that the call is from 8 P.M. to 9 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time), and is given with my compliments to those who choose to attend.  Just click on the following link: and you will be taken to the sign-up page.  The appropriate dial in information will be provided to you once you register.  I look forward to talking to you on what I promise to be a very educational and enlightening call.

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