3 Reports to Help You Through Your Transition

Leaving a first career and moving on is a big step in a person’s life.  How life unfolds from this point forward has the potential to be a wonderful and exciting time, but can also be filled with concern and worry.  In this series of reports, Tony Calabrese, shares ideas and guidance on aspects you need to consider when reaching this point in your life.

In “Post 1st Career Lifestyle Changes,” Tony shares the six major areas of one’s life that require some planning and thought.  While the answers to these six areas are different for each individual, lack of attention to any or most of them can lead to a post 1st career of worry, doubt and uncertainty.  As the average lifespan increases, there are many years of potential productivity that are still available to the individual when they move on from their primary basis of employment.  However, those that fail to plan for that period find themselves more confused, extremely frustrated and in an overall state of depression about their life situation.  Don’t be one of those individuals.

“Second Career Considerations” acknowledges that an ever increasing number of individuals desire to still be doing some form of productive work after leaving their first career.  In this informative report, Tony shares the three major motivators for why people work.  Those motivators are a key to the type of work or work environment one may want to seek in a 2nd career.   The report goes on to provide some thoughts on the types of questions one should be asking themselves as they look to pursue a second career.  It makes suggestions on how to find that next vocation in your life and shows how the individual really controls what they want to do next.  For those who reach this point in their life and are able to give it a complete and well earned reflection process, the issue is not having choices as to what to do next.  Instead it is getting to know yourself well enough to make the right choices for you from the many options available to you.

“Personal Resiliency” is an excellent primer for any individual at any stage of their life, but particularly for those at midlife.  Today’s 40-60 year old is facing a world significantly different from the one in which they grew up.  Methods are changing all the time in the way you navigate to get what you want and what you desire in your every day life.  Whether it is your work life, personal life, family life or health and well being, today’s middle aged adults are facing change all the time.  Often that change comes suddenly and unexpectedly.  Being able to face life with a resilient personality is becoming more and more critical in coping with that which is going on around you in today’s world.  This report features the 14 characteristics of resilient people.  How many of them are present in your life?

Each report individually is well worth your time and investment to read.  Each individual report retails for $9.

However, as a set they are even more valuable as you move forward through the changes you are facing at midlife.  As such, I’m offering the 3 together for only $17.  I’m certain from each of them you will gain a perspective or two you have either not previously considered or will be reinforced into your day to day lifestyle.

And, as a special bonus for those who purchase all three I’m willing to offer you a complimentary 20 minute coaching consultation to discuss any aspects of the reports that you would like to consider incorporating into your life.  It is my sincere pleasure that you enjoy the report(s) of your choice.

Post 1st Career Lifestyle Changes ($9)

Second Career Considerations ($9)

Personal Resiliency ($9)

3-Report Bundle w/ Free Session ($17)