The 12 Words and Phrases That Will Keep You Stuck Where You Are

The 12 Words and Phrases That Will Keep You Stuck Where You Are

The legendary comedian, George Carlin, was a master at the use of language in his routines to create visual images of how society referred to day to day occurrences. Language is so powerful because it originates from our thoughts and feelings. Words, and the intentions behind them can either be catabolic (to break down, tear apart) or anabolic (to build up, strengthen) in their application.

One of the major items that have an impact on our ability to make changes in our life is how we speak about those changes. When used in continual patterns, language has a direct impact as to what becomes our reality. If you say to yourself enough times, “I will never be able to do that”, you are absolutely right. You are never going to be able to make the change of which you are speaking or complete the task you are looking to accomplish. You have talked yourself out of it, before you have even gotten started.

While some words and phrases may jump out at you immediately as being catabolic or negative, there are quite a few that are used in everyday conversation that are equally likely to hold you back. Below is a list of 12 words/phrases that commonly come up in every day conversation and anabolic equivalents which provide a positive, affirmative approach that will lead you to make the change you desire:

Catabolic Anabolic
Should, might Choose, desire, want
Need to It’s important to me
Have to Desire to
Can’t Am not willing to, choose to
Always, never Sometimes, often, seldom
Must Choose, desire
But And
Try Intend, aim
Maybe Yes I will, or No, I won’t
I think I know or I don’t know

Notice how the terms on the left come from a feeling of either obligation or being forced to do something. The terms on the right all come from a position of CHOICE. You are the one empowering yourself to be responsible for the actions you are taking to make the change you want in your life.

Old habits are often difficult to break, and you may find yourself falling back into familiar patterns of using catabolic language or thoughts when faced with a moment of decision or change in your life. However, increasing your awareness of your thoughts and words and reshaping them to an anabolic way of phrasing will go a long way to helping you make the change you desire in your life into a reality.